Certified euro pallets (EUR-pallet)

Size: 800x1200x145mm.
Top part of the Europallet: consists of five stringer boards: widest (145mm), narrowest (100mm).
Lower part: consists of only three boards (narrow, wide, narrow) with facets removed.

  • Presence of chamfers on the corners of the Euro pallet
  • EUR brand in the oval, scorched on the right carrying pallet legs
  • Labeling, which indicates: the manufacturer (PKP, FS, DB, etc.) and information about the series, year of release.

Certified finpallet (FIN-pallet, Finnish pallet)

Size: 1000x1200x145mm.
Top part of the FIN Pallet: consists of seven stringer boards: widest (120mm), two narrow once (100mm), wide, two narrow and wide.
Lower part: consists of three stringer boards (narrow, wide, narrow) with no facets.

  • presence of chamfers at the corners of the finplelet
  • presence of the branded FIN mark in the rectangle (on the right bearing pallet legs)
  • manufacturer’s code, release date (on the other legs)

American standard pallet – 1200×1200

These pallets are made of wood, they undergo high-temperature treatment to prevent the spread of diseases of wood and insects that adversely affect plants and the environment in general.

  • Size: 1200x1200x145mm
  • At the top there are seven boards of 100 mm, and at the bottom – 3 slats of 100 mm
  • Thickness of more than 6 mm