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About Us

Let’s meet! We are a team of logistics professionals who are in love with the job they are doing. Clients from all over the world trust us and put the resolution of most complex logistics tasks onto our strong shoulders. And they do it because they are sure to always get quality results. 

Professional delivery of cargo all over the world is not just a loud slogan for our company. This is our credo and the core of our business. Through years of experience we developed relationships, designed dependable logistics solutions, signed contracts directly with ocean and air carriers, obtained our own fleet of trucks. 

There are two criteria to measure success on the market of logistics services – price and reliability. This is the reason why we have our own trucks – in order to provide the most competitive cost along with maximum dependability and speed of delivery. 

There are no complicated shipments for our team. Quite the opposite, we are excited to work on nonstandard requests and oversize/overweight shipments. We can develop most effective chain of delivery based on particular requests and the needs of your business. Flexibility and speed of reaction – our key advantages when it comes to customer service. 

One more advantage of ours is our own warehouse in the biggest Baltic port. 

We continuously develop and add a range of services, taking into consideration the needs of our clients. 

We know everything about shipping by air, ocean, and truck, containerized and multimodal transportation. Please call us right now and we will resolve most complicated logistics task! 

Range of services we are offering: 

  • Multimodal transportation, combination of delivery by different modes of transportation 
  • Ocean freight delivery for any type of ocean containers 
  • Delivery of oversize machinery Delivery of temperature controlled commodities and dangerous goods transportation 
  • Airfreight and urgent cargo delivery, including door to door delivery 
  • Consolidated cargo delivery as part of general cargo consolidation in an ocean container 
  • Delivery by rail 
  • Good terms for storage and customs clearance services. 

Our Advantages: 

  • Through our work experience we obtained reliable partners in the biggest ports/airports of the world. This allows us to resolve the most complicated tasks our clients can set for us in a short period of time 
  • Our liability is insured for EUR 250,000.00 
  • Our own fleet of trucks, our own warehouse in the biggest Baltic port, and our dependable agents all over the world allow us to effectively deliver logistics services on a ‘door to door’ basis 
  • We are always ready to deliver a shipment from practically any part of the world within the most limited time frame from the shipper’s facility to the buyer’s warehouse and also do customs clearance in the ports of entry or transit. 

Intellog – put the your heavy cargo on our strong shoulders!