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It so happened that the head office of our company is located in the beautiful port city Riga. This is the reason why container cargo transportation (including our own LCL consolidations) via Baltic ports is the key focus of our company.


With seafreight we have the real chance to show our many years of experience in logistics. Thanks contracts with many ocean steamship lines, we can pick the most reasonable mode of transportation depending on your specific requirements. For example, if the terms of delivery allow you to extend the delivery times, we’ll find the most economical option for you or, if, the opposite, we’ll make sure to provide the fastest available option if your shipment is urgent.


Many freight-forwarding companies work with only one or two steamship lines, which makes them less flexible. We work differently:

  1. No matter where your shipment is, our agents we’ll pick the best carrier and will arrange everything that needs to be done at the port of loading.

  2. After that our operations specialists will receive the goods at the port of Riga, Klaipeda or other European port and arrange further transportation to the final place of destination.

  3. Same chain of transportation is applied to export cargo from the Baltic countries.


Thanks to our own warehouse in Riga, we can hold your shipment at our warehouse until you find a buyer for your product. Besides, our warehousing fees will always be cheaper than those from other companies who don’t have their own storage facilities.


Are you unhappy with the cost of container cargo transportation that you get from another company? Please ask us for a quote! We dont promise to have a drastically decreased price. But we are 100% certain that the quality of our service will be better, more reliable and done within the agreed time frame.



If time is the decision making factor for your cargo, we are always available to provide airfreight transportation all over the world as the most efficient means of transportation for your cargo.


And yes, of course, fast transportation is more costly and airfreight generally, is a more expensive mode of cargo transportation. How much more expensive? This question is always asked by our clients. And our response to that is: the cost varies every time. There are too many factors that need to be considered for this. First of all, for airfreight cargo transportation 1 cubic meter of cargo equals to 167 kgs; secondly, the urgency of transportation and special conditions and services required for the cargo effect the cost of airfreight.


We can always assure you that when calculating the cost of transportation, we will consider all of your requirements. No matter how big, heavy your shipment is or what condition it is in, we will make sure to find the most efficient and economic more of transportation within the time frame that you require. And again, these are not just words, this is the fundamental principles of our company and specifically, our airfreight department.  

Road Transportation

Having our own fleet of trucks allows us to provide any services for any type of cargo (including LCL consolidations) for transportation within Europe, CIS countries and Russia. We, as people say, ‘know the ropes’ on road transportation and are familiar with all ‘ins and outs’ that can occur with this shipping mode. For example, we know everything about the full process of customs clearance for cargo arrived by road.


We think, it is vital to mention that we are ready to give you updates on vehicle location with your cargo almost in a live manner, which is only possible if there are no ‘middle men’ in arranging this transportation.


Also, please rest assured that

  • All of our trucks comply with ecologic regulations per norms of EURO4 and EURO5 and can be equipped with tents and platforms for 20’, 40’ and 45’ container transportation and also with the equipment for transportation of refrigerated cargo.

  • We are ready to arrange transportation for any type of cargo, including oversize, super heavy loads, dangerous goods and cargo requiring special temperature conditions.

  • If required, we will arrange armed guard cargo transportation

  • We will be available to answer your questions and give you updates any time while your cargo is in our hands (and yes, this includes our availability even at lunch hours and during holidays and weekends!).


Our operations specialists will be happy to give you a free consultation on any type of road cargo transportation because we are certain that fruitful cooperation starts with pleasant and professional communication.  


Very often railroad transportation is the most reasonable mode of transportation when it comes to shipping within the same continent and is a good alternative to road transportation. If this is the case, we will make sure to recommend this service to our clients and take advantage for using it in order to reduce the shipping costs, delivery times and/or move big loads or lots of cargo.


Our operations specialists often include railroad transportation in the offer to our clients for multimodal type of cargo transportation.


We are very meticulous when it comes to railroad cargo transportation. Our employees can work with the most complicated shipments and thanks for our experience and thoughtful logistic research, we provide maximum security for your cargo when shipping it by rail to the most remote areas of the Russian Federation.


It will hardly be a surprise to you but, same as other companies, we provide full modes of rail road transportation – starting from designing logistic solution for consolidated cargo up to freight-forwarding guidance on any type of shipment you might have.  


What really differs us from other companies is the main principle of our company – there are no little things, there are all the details.


Having our own warehouse in the free port of Riga allows us to be more flexible, to give better storage conditions to our clients and arrange reloading, storage and other warehousing services at a reasonable price.


Our warehouse is well-equipped and allows us to receive, sort through and store any type of cargo. And of course, we can provide 24-hour watch of your cargo and for cargo requiring special conditions (for example, specific temperature controlled requirements), we can provide storage facilities within the area of the port.


Thanks to the fact that our warehouse is located in the Free Economic Zone, our clients have the option to:

  • Make changes in the commercial invoices for shipments arriving from other countries in order to optimize their further transportation to the final destination;

  • Resell the cargo without having to pay additional taxes on the cargo that arrived at warehause;

  • Provide cargo handling without having to go through complete customs clearance and provide commercial documents as they are needed for your destination country.


Our promise to you is that we will optimize the time and cost of transportation if you decide to use our warehouse for your cargo.